School Twinning Projects

School Twinning Projects

twinning 2Farmers Helping Farmers developed a School Twinning program in 2004 in the areas of the agricultural projects we fund. We began to realize the impact our projects were having on the local schools. Several of our members made a commitment to share what they had learned in Africa with students in Prince Edward Island.

The School Twinning program has expanded to include 16 schools in Kenya—partnered with 17 schools and Sunday schools on P.E.I., as well as a school in Alberta!

Students from each school exchange letters and photos that encourage a better understanding of each other, including different cultures and global issues. These partnerships have given both Island and Kenyan students a greater understanding of each other’s way of life and Island students more appreciation of things they may have taken for granted.

Funds Raised

P.E.I. School Twinning partners have improved conditions in each of the Kenyan schools – through the purchase of textbooks, mosquito nets, desks, water tanks, seeds, cementing of classroom floors, glass in windows, and the building of latrines.

The efforts by so many P.E.I. children and youth are really appreciated in each of these schools!

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Schools Currently Twinned:

  • Morell Consolidated School -Tambaya Primary
  • Vernon River Consolidated- Gikondi Primary
  • Miscouche Consolidated- K-ieni-Kia-Ndege Primary
  • Montague Reg.High School - Kiirua Boys & Kiirua Day
  • Mt. Stewart Consolidated School -Muuti-o-Nthunguri
  • Stonepark Intermediate School-Ithanji Primary
  • Three Oaks Senior High -Buuri Secondary
  • Hillcrest United Church Sunday School -Mweru Primary
  • Southwest United Church Sunday School-Marinya – a – Riubi
  • Kensington United Church Sunday School –Kamuketha Primary
  • South Shore United Church Sunday School –Ichamara Primary
  • West Kent Elementary School - Mitoone Primary
  • Gulf Shore Elementary- King’O Primary
  • Elm Street School -Karaguiririo Primary
  • Souris Consolidated-Kiirua Primary
  • Paul Rowe Jr/Sr High, Alberta - Naari Girls

Are you interested in learning more about School Twinning?
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