Farmers Helping Farmers Recognizes Volunteers

The awards recognize the organization’s volunteers, supporters and members.  Farmers Helping Farmers is extremely fortunate to have individuals and groups working in partnership, and raising funds to assist with the challenges faced by many East African farm women and their families.

L-R: Katie Carter-Doiron, Nancy Russell, Maxine Delaney, and Kate Westphal receive their awards for President Colleen Walton.

This year’s award recipients:

This year the Honourary Life Membership Award was presented to two outstanding women, Nancy Russell and Jennifer Murogocho.

Ms. Russell was recognized for her efforts in significantly increasing the visibility of Farmers Helping Farmers through her efforts in the area of social media enhancement of the organization including establishing and maintain blog and Facebook sites and revamping the website. Jennifer Murogocho lives in Kenya and has been essential for the work of Farmers Helping Farmers to succeed. She has facilitated the construction of most of cookhouses sponsored by Islanders. She is a catalysis in Kenya for the work of Farmers Helping Farmers members including vet and education students, and others ensuring that the necessary contacts, partnerships and materials are in place.

Friends of Farmers Helping Farmers

Kate Westphal, owner of Graphic Detail Inc. was presented with a Friend of Farmers Helping Farmers Award which recognizes individuals and businesses who are not members of Farmers Helping Farmers, but who have made a lasting and extending contribution to the association. Ms Westphal has annually, for the past ten years, designed beautiful, professional posters for several of the organization’s fundraising campaigns. The campaigns have raised funds for water tanks, school kitchen gardens, mosquito nets, school books, solar lights, and dairy cows.

Volunteer of the Year award

Maxine Delaney was recognized with the Volunteer of the Year award. This award recognizes members who have made an outstanding contribution to the organization and its purpose during the past year. Maxine was instrumental in ensuring that the social media feeds from the 2018 trip to Kenya were filled with beautiful photography and written observations. Her coverage of the Kenyan trip was invaluable in the way it connects Farmers Helping Farmers supporters in Canada with the work being completed with partners in Kenya.

Farmers Helping Farmers Youth Award

Lydia MacDougall and Katie Carter Doiron were the recipient of the Youth Award. They were recognized for the significant contribution they have made to youth engagement over the past three years ensuring that youth in Canada and Kenya continue to have the opportunity to connect and learn about each other. They ensured that the school twinning program continued to strengthen and grow -- looking at new ways of connecting students and teachers in Kenya and P.E.I.

Congratulations to the 2018 Award Winners

Congratulations to past recipients:

Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes member(s) who have made an outstanding contribution to the organizations and its project/activities during the past year.

2018:  Maxine Delaney
2017:  Ellen Cudmore, and Carolyn Francis, Wendy MacDonald & Liz Townsend
2016:  Reg MacDonald and Dr. Shauna Richards

Friend of Farmers Helping Farmers Award recognizes individuals and businesses who are not members of Farmers Helping Farmers, but who have made a lasting and extending contribution to the association. Contributions may be in the form of financial or in-kind.

2018: Kate Westphal
2017:  Island Lime and Mary Robinson Manager, and The Empower Sewing Group at the Arboretum in Guelph, ON
2016:  Charlottetown Police Services
2015:  Noreen and George Shaw
2014:  Irwin and Parker Jewell - Jewell's Produce Ltd.
2013:  Rotary Club of Stratford
2012:  Souris Village Feast
2011:  Chef Emily Wells & staff at Agriculture Canada, Livestock Research Centre
2010:  Gerry McQuaid and the Hillsborough Rotary Club
2009:  Bev and Shirlee Simpson - Vesey’s Seeds Ltd
2008:  Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty

Farmers Helping Farmers Youth Award recognizes individuals (25 years and younger) and youth groups (classrooms, 4-H, AY, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, etc.) who have made outstanding contributions to public awareness about Farmers Helping Farmers and its work in Kenya. The successful nominee will be recognized for their extraordinary spirit that makes their contribution an inspiration to others, and exemplifies citizenship and volunteerism.

2018:  Katie Carter Doiron and Lydia MacDougall
2017:  Souris Regional High Twinning Program
2016:  Hillcrest United Church Sunday School, Montague
2015:  Youth of Margate Pastoral Charge
2014:  West Kent Kenya Kousins Group
2013:  Ellen Moore
2012:  The Challenge Girls Leadership Club
2011:  Award Recipient: Caitlin McCarthy
2010:  UPEI Nursing Students (2009 and 2010)
2009:  Stonepark Farmers Helping Farmers Club
2008:  Stuart MacLean, Lot 16

Honourary Life Membership recognizes members who have made an outstanding and substantial contribution to the organization and its purpose. They have inspired and encouraged others to be engaged, and have served as an example within the organization.

2018:  Nancy Russell and Jennifer Murogucho
  The Souris Village Feast Organizing Committee (Alan MacPhee, Pat O’Connor, Jack Jans, Loretta Campbell, Ilse Peters-Ching, Jolyne Sharkey, David Jenkins, Louise MacDonald, Sheila Eastman, Doris Jenkins and Chef Michael Smith)
2016:  Carolyn Francis
2015:  Dr. John Vanleeuwen
2014:  Dr. Linnell Edwards, Charlottetown
2013:  Dr. Winston Johnston
2012:  Dykerman Family
2011:  Harry Baglole
2010:  Priscilla Myers
2009:  Patsy Dingwell and Shaad Olingo
2008:  Barry Cudmore, Ellen Cudmore, Guy Cudmore, Roy Dickieson, Teresa Mellish, Katie VanEkris, and Olive Weeks

(Founding members of the organization who have remained active in the organization for the past 28 years.)