P.E.I. Fall Harvest Fundraiser provides much-needed food for school programs in Kenya

Record-breaking total for Chef Emily Wells and her team at The Mill in New Glasgow

School children in Kenya will continue to have a nourishing hot lunch, thanks to Chef Emily Wells and her Fall Harvest fundraiser at The Mill in New Glasgow, P.E.I. This year, the harvest suppers raised an amazing $13,000! That is a record-breaking total for the annual fundraising event.

Several of the FHF twinned schools in Kenya are experiencing their second year of drought, meaning food is scarce. Families usually provide beans and maize for the githeri that is served at lunch. But those supplies are gone.

At the request of our partners in Kenya, the Farmers Helping Farmers Education Committee, with Chef Emily's support, will use some of the fundraising dollars to make sure those children continue to have their school lunches, including on weekends, to make sure that no children go without a meal.

Some of the money will be held in reserve, to see what the situation is like at those schools in January.

One thousand dollars will also be used to purchase sanitary pads for girls at one of the twinned schools, an important contribution to allow them to stay in school.

In a year where Farmers Helping Farmers, again, has had to cancel several major fundraisers because of COVID-19, we are more grateful than ever for the support of Chef Emily, and everyone who came out to enjoy her meals in support of our work in Kenya.

The fundraising suppers were held at The Mill in New Glasgow on October 8 and 9, with two sittings on each night.

We could not have had such a successful event without the support of Emily Wells and her staff at The Mill, generous donors, volunteers and all of those who attended!

Thanks to all of our generous donors and volunteers: 

Donations:  Arlington Orchards, Brookfield Gardens, Wilkie’s Cranberry Farm, Barry Cudmore (Potatoes) Gagne’s Blueberries, Schurman’s Family Farm, Steerman’s Quality Meats, Soleil’s Farm, Larkin Brothers, The River Clyde Pageant Garden, Wendy MacDonald and Carolyn Francis (Pickles), Upstreet Brewing, Franklin Whitehead Wines, Samuel’s Coffee House, and Caseley’s Bridal Boutique (loan of dishes)

Volunteers: Greg Ellard, Wendy MacDonald, Jim Blanchard, Gloria Turner, Danielle Hayes, Marilyn McQuaid, Gerry McQuaid, Hauwa Hamzah Rachel Barich, Valerie Beer, Cheung Chin Yan, Kaylee Ten, Lisa Roman Langdale, Fiona Moak, Colin Doiron, Monique Mowat, Natalie Mowat, Elmira Mukanda, Catherine Williams, Lynda Andrews, Judy Loo, Efoibe Emeye, Nancy Russell, Camila Silva, Odelia Kayombo, Anna McAleer, Andrea Stewart, Kim Jesty, Sophiia Huynh, Francie Gomez, Ayo Ogunleya, and Bethany Dawson

Special thanks goes to Carolyn Francis for coordinating the event! 

We are thankful for all of your support for the work FHF does in Kenya! Asante! 

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