May 31, 2024
FHF Spring 2024 Newsletter

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Donkey welfare in Meru

By Dr. Martha Mellish From human nutrition to dairy management to school programs, FHF has an eclectic variety ofpersonnel and projects on the go. As a relatively new participant, a common question posed fromIslanders and Kenyan partners to myself is ‘Why are you traveling to Kenya’? My reply of ‘to work onthe welfare of donkeys’ was met with a smile, Continue Reading

Our Projects

  • More Food, Better Food: Empowering Kenyan Women Farmers

    October 2020 By Teresa Mellish Six new cookhouses with school gardens have been built in Meru County in the last six months, since the COVID-19 pandemic started.   Each cookhouse includes three larg...

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  • Safe Inclusive Schools

    Safe Inclusive Schools Project Canadians and Kenyans are working together to support teaching and learning in schools that are twinned between the two countries through Farmers Helping Farmers. It’s...

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  • Photos

    Check out some of the best photos from our Farmers Helping Farmers projects....

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  • Rotary Project

    Rotary project empowers women in Kenya Report on Kageni Womens Group By Winston JohnstonMay 2021 Three years ago, this project commenced to bring relief and a measure of prosperity to members of the K...

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  • Souris Village Feast

     Souris Village Feast Thousands  of school children in Kenya now have two hot meals a day, thanks to the efforts of Chef Michael Smith and volunteers with the Souris Village Feast.   Read more ...

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  • Water Tanks

    Another key goal for Farmers Helping Farmers is raising money for rainwater storage tanks for Kenyan families. FHF is working with four women’s groups, connected to dairies that the organization is ...

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  • School Cookhouses

    Farmers Helping Farmers and The Village Feast have partnered for more than a decade to open school cookhouses and vegetable gardens in Kenya.   2018 Guy Cudmore was thrilled to cut the ribbon to offi...

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  • Mosquito Bed Nets

    Mosquito nets save lives in Kenya Providing mosquito nets to prevent malaria is an ongoing effort by Farmers Helping Farmers, in partnership with our twinned schools and women's groups in Kenya. Every...

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  • 2023 Holiday Campaign

    2023 Holiday Campaign Needs are High as 2023 Holiday Campaign Launches  The needs in Kenya continue to drive Farmers Helping Farmers board members to work hard to raise funds that are critical to...

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  • Dairy

    Farmers Helping Farmers and our partners at the Atlantic Veterinary College have worked with dairies and dairy farmers in Kenya to improve the health of cows and their milk production, which in turn h...

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Check out some of the best photos from our Farmers Helping Farmers projects.