2017 Holiday Campaign is underway!


New Donation Category in 2017 Holiday Campaign

By Liz Townsend

Are you concerned with special needs children in Kenya?

You will see a new donation category: Make a School Disability-Friendly. FHF is starting on this project by working with Kenyan partners to install ramps, grab bars, etc. for accessibility to latrines and classrooms for those with mobility issues - especially with walkers, crutches and wheelchairs.

It's a great way to help pupils with disabilities who may otherwise be kept at home or pay huge fees to go to special boarding schools instead of local regular schools.

Making a School Disability-Friendly $200

Both photos were taken in 2017 at schools that have a cookhouse and garden supported by the Souris Village Feast.

Kenyan teacher and FHF volunteer Liz with a bright 12 year-old girl and her grandmother who was carrying her to & around her school because of repeated ankle sores.

A ramp at the main classroom building, a board walk to the latrine, a latrine ramp, grab bars in the latrine and a privacy hook would enable this pupil to manage her own toilet needs and prevent sores that she has been having because of hygiene challenges. 

A special needs class that would learn more and be safer with non-slip boardwalks around the school for those with poor balance and who could be integrated in other classes when a teacher with special needs training can use specialized learning materials.


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