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Kenya for Kids 1st ed

Fall 2019

Draw these national flags or create your own!

Kenya’s National Flag – 



Canada’s National Flag –




What type of clothing do you wear in Prince Edward Island in the Fall (October)? 

Did you say a sweater? Pants? A warm coat? Or warm socks? Mittens?


  1. Have you ever wondered what clothing children are wearing in Kenya in the Fall? 

Are they wearing a warm coat or mittens like us?

Since October is the last month of the dry season in Kenya and temperatures are still warm (daily maximums reaching 28 degrees Celsius), children in Kenya are wearing what we call “summer clothing”!  This may include shorts and t-shirts. October is their last chance to enjoy dry conditions before the rains return! 


What is a “Khanga”?

Did you know that most Kenyans dress the same way we do? Many men dress in suits and ties.  Women often wear a skirt with a shirt on top. Women also wear brightly coloured material that they wrap around them like a skirt – this is called a “KHANGA”!

Can you say it?

“Swahili” is the official language of Kenya.  

Can you say these Swahili words? 




Wildlife – 

Kenya’s National Animal is the Lion!

  • Common name – Lion
  • Scientific name – Panthera leo
  • Found in – Kenya’s national parks and game parks
  • Habitat – Savanna grasslands
  • Main prey – buffaloes, antelopes, zebras
  • Average weight – male: 420lbs, female: 280lbs
  • Average lifespan – 10-14 years


African Wildlife Word Search


T F U X E U H R C O P H Q Z U 

P N Y G L F S R L F I B F E C 

F P A I L G B A R P R W J B L 

J I O H T E F A P E V I S R L 

N N Q W P F C O B P O A Q A J 

G K Z X U E P G G O N L I Z R 

H C X B G O L O M L O J F Z R 

X R T E T Y C E Y E I N Q Z T 

G I R A F F E V V T N F T M M 

H M M S O R E C O N I H R I V 

A U L M W W H R E A Q G N R D 

S Y E U Q X B B G F B T O J Q 

B Q L S F G L F D H B J C N J 

W U K C M N N B A W U Q H H I 

W I G J J G K K Y V F S A R P 













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