School Twinning Videos

We are very excited to be trying a new form of communication between our twinned schools in Canada and Kenya.

Students at the schools will be taking us on video tours that we will share throughout the year.

Here is our first video from Stratford Elementary School in Stratford, Prince Edward Island.

Click here to watch it!

FHF Stratford Elementary video 2019

Did you know that Farmers Helping Farmers has a YouTube channel?

Visit it here to see some videos from Kenya.


To see the Fall 2019 School Twinning newsletter, click on the link below:


"How To" Guide for making a video in Kenya:

Ask the principal (head teacher) for two students to “host” the video - if possible, one male and one female would be nice.

They need to be enthusiastic and not shy.

Make sure you get their names to send to Nancy!

To gather video:

*make sure the iPad is the right way up - with the camera lens at the top!

Please record at least 10 seconds of each shot.

You want to shoot things close-up as well as wide shots to help with editing.

  1.  Introduction - with the school behind - the students say their names and welcome  - Karibu - and the name of the school

  2. Pan of the school grounds   (holding the iPad steady - move it slowly from left to right )

  3. In a classroom

Our two students explain what they study

Wide shot of one or two classrooms

*get extra shots of the desks/books/things on the wall

4. Cookhouse

Cook making food

Kids eating

Close up of dish

Close up of cooker

Our two students explain what they eat

5. School garden

Wide shot of entire garden

Close up of some of the things growing

6. Sports field

Our two students explain what sports they do

Kids playing

Anything else of interest?


Head teacher’s office?

Our two students talk about the school term - when it starts and ends.

For example, in Kenya, the term will end because of the rainy season and in Canada there is a holiday around Christmas and New Year's.

7. Our two students say goodbye! Kwaheri!