Planting More Seeds – 2002 trip to Kenya

Planting More Seeds - 2002 trip to Kenya


The Canadians meet members of the Mkuki womens group

By Patsy Dingwell

In 2002, with partial funding from CIDA, a most successful Public Engagement Project saw 13 Islanders and one agriculturist from Ontario travel to Kenya and Tanzania.

Because of this tour, we gained renewed interest and key new members who were willing to take on a leadership role including: Colleen Walton, Sandra MacKinnon, Janice Whalen, Winston Johnston, Ken Mellish, to name a few.

Other members of the team, who also contributed in many ways were: Dr. Catherine Clough ( now deceased), Patsy Dingwell, Rodney Dingwell, Marie Hendricken (now deceased) Jane MacLaurin, Dr. Liz Spangler, Dr. Karl Winter (then Chairperson FHF) and Judy Thompson, Ottawa Ontario.

Also, it was during this tour that I met Gerald Kariuki and the seed for school twinning was planted

We visited Muchui Women’s Group…what a joyous time. It was there that we saw the first ten water tanks donated by Islanders. These ten tanks were being generously shared by 60 members of the group.  Very impressive indeed. It made us very aware of how badly the tanks were needed and appreciated.

It was also on this trip that we set up the first computer and printer at Wakulima Dairy and had a chance to check out the bulk milk tank and generator that had been previously supplied by FHF.

Rodney and Patsy Dingwell at a museum in Nairobi, Kenya

At the Wakulima Dairy

Karl and Patsy at the Wakulima Dairy

Paul and Margaret were two youth participants in the 1994 exchange. In 2002, the P.E.I. participants were pleased to find them and present them with scholarships.  Margaret used hers to fund her Masters Degree in Education and Paul hoped to open his own business.

Janice Whalen with members of the Mkuki womens group


FHF Chair Karl plants a tree


Winston Johnston in the lab at the Wakulima Dairy

The tour was joined by Erin Collins, Sean P. Cunnie and Jeff Radke, who were reporters and photographers, who sent back stories and photos to P.E.I.