FHF 40th Anniversary Celebrations

To help celebrate the 40th anniversary of Farmers Helping Farmers in 2020, we are creating a new Alumni group!

We want to include all of the Canadians who have travelled to Kenya and all the Kenyans who have travelled to Canada in each of our 40 years, since 1980.

We are starting to build the list here and will add to it throughout the 40th anniversary.

If you have travelled to Kenya or to Canada with Farmers Helping Farmers, we want to hear from you!  Please contact us by email and, better yet, send along a photo and a few details about when you travelled. Send them to Nancy Russell: nancypeikenya@gmail.com

We look forward to a wonderful celebration of 40 great years of Farmers Helping Farmers, with many more to come!


The first group of 22 people from Prince Edward Island went to Kenya and Tanzania in 1981: Adrien van Ekris, Katie van Ekris, Stavert Huestis, Edith Huestis, Barry Cudmore, Ellen Cudmore, Guy Cudmore, Miller Weeks, Olive Weeks, Esther Dickieson, Roy Dickieson, Lloyd Vessey,  Mary Vessey, Marion  MacRae, Wally Smith, Barb Smith, Dr. Ken MacKay, Pat Duffy, Ernie Mutch, Kees Visser, Ellen Visser, Teresa Mellish.

You can read more about the founders of Farmers Helping Farmers here.

Our History



Dr. John van Leeuwen from the Atlantic Veterinary College along with three 4th year veterinary students worked with dairy farmers in the Wakulima Group as well as the Embu Group to improve the health of dairy cows and calves. They took donated veterinary pharmaceuticals for their work valued at $30,000. Anna Portnoy from Bonshaw, PE, Olivia Harvey, Petitcodiac, NB and Andrea Dube , Lake Echo, NS. were the students.

Semi-retired dairy farmer from Danny Bondt from Kingston, P.E.I. travelled to Kenya for the first time.

Heather Angell from Grand Pre, NS worked with the group to evaluate the projects funded by Farmers Helping Farmers.

Ken and Teresa Mellish from New Perth, P.E.I. were also part of the 2007 group.

February 2007 - A group of five Island teachers travelled to Mukurwe-ini:

Sara, Heather Lea, Danna, Ashley, and Cynthia

September 2007

UPEI interns Julie Mutch, Chelsea Morrison and Katie Testu collected information on several Farmers Helping Farmers projects.  UPEI Dean of Science Christian Lacroix visited the group in November 2007.


UPEI student Billy MacDonald described soccer, or football as they call it in Kenya, as the universal language.

Carolyn Francis, coordinator of the public engagement project, Engaging Island Communities in Global Development and Patsy Dingwell, chair of the FHF education committee went to Kenya in June 2008.


Teresa Mellish and UPEI interns Bobby Cameron, Billy MacDonald, and 3rd year nutrition students Doreen Pippy and Sharla Goodwin worked with the  Wakulima Dairy and the Othaya Dairy.

Colleen Walton travelled to Kenya to work on a CIDA project, working with Othaya Dairy and Ruuju Women’s Group.

October 2008

Five people travelled to Kenya from October 23 until November 15, 2008 to work with Farmers Helping Farmers partner groups. Dr. Winston Johnston worked with the Muchui Womens Group in Kiirua to support their crop diversification program. Ken Mellish worked with the Othaya and Thubuku Dairy groups. Daniel Scothorn from Nova Scotia trained the Othaya and Thubuku dairy groups on how to feed their cows for more milk production. Michael Whelton from New Brunswick assisted the Muchui Womens Group on their accounting practices. Teresa Mellish monitored the groups.