Celebrating the launch of Broken Crayons by Patsy Dingwell

Patsy and her granddaughter at the launch of Broken Crayons.

Farmers Helping Farmers was delighted to be part of the launch of a new children's book by long-time member Patsy Dingwell, inspired by the experience of UPEI student teacher Ellen Gillis while teaching in Kenya.

We were thrilled to share the celebration live on Facebook so our friends in Kenya could also be a part of the experience.

Special thanks to Acorn Press for sharing Patsy's story, and the P.E.I. Writer's Guild and TD Bank for making the event possible.

To find out more, visit our page about Broken Crayons.

Broken Crayons is available at local bookstores.

Check out this trailer for Broken Crayons created by illustrator Marla Lesage:

When Ms. Gillis, a preservice teacher on Prince Edward Island, decides to complete her International Teaching Practicum in Kenya, sponsored by Farmers Helping Farmers, she is very excited. She is eager to share her newly-acquired teaching skills with the children in Kenya. She arrives laden with gifts and school supplies from friends on PEI. As she distributes a gift of crayons to her students, she soon realizes that she is the one who has the most to learn. Broken Crayons is a delightful story written for school age children. It is a based on a true story that never grows old and one which carries a message for all, no matter your age.

Patsy Dingwell lives with her husband Rodney on their farm in Marie, PEI. They have four sons. Her grandchildren are often the audience for her life-long love of storytelling. A retired special education assistant, she now makes time to write and travel. Her favourite destination is Kenya,
having visited three times. As a long-time member of Farmers Helping Farmers, she founded the School Twinning Project and is proud to relate stories of this Island non-profit organization. This is her first book.

Marla Lesage is an artist, illustrator, writer, and dreamer. She lives in New Brunswick with her favourite scallywags and several fish. She is the author and illustrator of Pirate, Year Round and the illustrator of Broken Crayons.

Acorn Press Canada is the publisher of Broken Crayons. To see their entire catalogue, please visit their website.

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