Celebrating International Development Week 2019 – Friday

To celebrate International Development Week 2019, Farmers Helping Farmers is celebrating the people who help make our projects in Kenya possible.


Here is a message from Colleen Walton, the president of Farmers Helping Farmers:

Farmers Helping Farmers is celebrating International Development Week on Prince Edward Island and in Kenya.

Teresa Mellish is leading a team of ten volunteers who will visit schools, women’s groups and dairies in Kenya and provide training in farm record keeping and dairy herd management.


As well, the team will oversee the purchase and provision of donated items from the 2018 Holiday Campaign.

Of critical importance is the purchase and installation of water tanks for 20 members of a women’s group.  Often up to 20 or more extended family members and neighbours benefit from water storage tanks located at women’s homes.



The donation of funds for solar lights will allow 50 households to have safe and free light in their home. As well, these solar lights can be used to charge a cell phone which otherwise would cost the farmer both time and money at a local phone kiosk.


Funds for dairy cows will be loaned to needy farmers to purchase a good quality cow. Dairy farming is important as regular milk production can provide the family with steady income and milk for home use.

The team will also visit twinned schools and assist in the site selection for vegetable gardens for three twinned schools. Under the guidance of FHF staff, the school gardens will be planted with nutritious vegetables including orange flesh sweet potatoes, kale and carrots. These vegetables will be added to the maize and bean stew served daily to the students for lunch. Holiday campaign donations also provided for the purchase of school books and soccer balls for our twinned schools.

Farmers Helping Farmers is grateful for the long-term support of people on P.E.I. and beyond.  

The 2018 Holiday Campaign raised almost $60,000 Canadian – another record year. These funds go a long way in Kenya to support improvement the lives and livelihoods of families and students

Fundraising for FHF work in Kenya is not limited to the Holiday Campaign. Schools and church groups across P.E.I. raise funds that support school twinning. Twinning directly links a Kenyan and Canadian school. The schools exchange letters semi-annually and these exchanges enhance student’s global awareness on both sides.

This year we would like to recognize the extraordinary efforts of the Margate Pastoral Charge that is twinned with Nkando Primary in Meru.

We also want to recognize the efforts of Chef Emily Wells. Over ten years, Emily’s fall harvest luncheons at The Mill in New Glasgow have raised close to $80,000 towards creating global awareness for students in Canada and Kenya. Our appreciation for Emily’s efforts in global good is extended to the many volunteers she recruits for these events.

Once again, I confirm to you that 100% of your donations are going straight to Kenya. We are eternally grateful for you support and are honoured to receive the gratitude for your contributions by our partners in Kenya. Thank you once again for your support and confidence that FHF is working hard to make sustainable change in the lives of Kenyan farm women and their families.

Colleen Walton - President, Farmers Helping Farmers

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