Celebrating the 2022 Volunteer of the Year

Winston Johnston named 2022 Farmers Helping Farmers Volunteer of the Year

Long time volunteer Winston Johnston was recently named the 2022 Farmers Helping Farmers Volunteer of the year, an award presented in Charlottetown during the organization’s Annual General Meeting in July 2022.

“Volunteer of the Year” recognizes an active member who has volunteered significant hours to one or more organization projects/activities during the past year. The volunteer service is considered above and beyond the call of duty.

Winston has been an active member since 2002 when he first went to Kenya with Farmers Helping Farmers. Since that time he has contributed to making Farmers Helping Farmers what it is today. Winston has served on the Board of Directors, including being President and Vice President. He chaired the Finance Committee for several years and has been an active member of the Project Committee since 2002.

Through Winston’s membership in the Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty, he helped raise almost $100,000 to help improve the food security of the members of the Kageni Women’s group. Through this project, all members were food secure as a result of having water tanks, learning how to make and use compost, and growing vegetables in grow bags and gardens.

Winston has traveled to Kenya multiple times and always developed a deep understanding of the reality of Kenyan farms and the lives of Kenyan women, which helped to make him a very productive member of the Project Committee.

This award recognizes Winston’s current and long-term contributions to the organization.

Farmers Helping Farmers is an Island-based, award-winning organization of community-minded people. The group’s goal is to assist Kenyan farmers in becoming more self-reliant in agricultural food production. FHF assists with the development of small-scale practical agricultural projects, focusing on direct, person-to-person interaction.

For additional information on the organization, visit www.farmershelpingfarmers.ca.

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