Congratulations and thanks to Chef Emily Wells!

Congratulations to Chef Emily Wells on two fronts!


This year's Fall Harvest luncheons raised almost $7,000 for Farmers Helping Farmers education projects in Kenya!  A wonderful total!


Chef Emily was also named one of P.E.I.'s outstanding volunteers in 2016, at the annual awards ceremony put on by the Voluntary Resource Council.

Here is our nomination of Emily. Asante for all you do in our community!

Farmers Helping Farmers is pleased to nominate Chef Emily Wells for her volunteer service in support of education projects in Kenya. Over the last ten years, Chef Emily has put on a Fall Harvest fundraising luncheon that raises money for Farmers Helping Farmers. This year, she surpassed the $50,000 mark, which is an incredible milestone. Her work helps pre-service teachers from UPEI travel to Kenya for a six week placement in schools in the Meru area, an experience which has enriched their development as educators as well as providing a unique cultural experience for the Kenyan students. The money is also used for other projects of the Farmers Helping Farmers Education committee, including school feeding programs, and the provision of mosquito nets.

On behalf of all of our partners in Kenya, asante to Chef Emily Wells and her crew for all of their hard work.


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