Eggs for Nutrition

New chicken project will add nutrition for Kenyan children

FHF has started demonstrating the value of improved, well-managed hens as way to improve the diet of
Kenyan children.

The typical diet of our partners’ children lacks high quality protein, and minerals needed for healthy children. This undernutrition can cause susceptibility to disease and slow growth.

Unimproved chickens are common on the small farms where they run free and lay few eggs. The
breeds which produce high numbers of eggs under intensive management are not hardy enough to do
well on the small farms.

Researchers in Kenya at KALRO have produce a breed of chickens which are good egg producers and are adapted to medium levels of management. These are called Kienyje breed.

FHF is supplying 80 families with ten of these improved egg layers and providing a demonstration housing coop to one member in each of the eight women’s groups in the project.

The project is starting with ready to lay pullets and will in the future supply younger starter chicks.

A poultry specialist hired by FHF will train the women and children in best management practices.
Funding is provide by Global Affairs Canada through the More Food, Better Food project.

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