Farmers Helping Farmers Holiday Campaign touches hearts in P.E.I. and Kenya

Farmers Helping Farmers Holiday Campaign touches hearts in P.E.I. and Kenya


Farmers Helping Farmers is celebrating another successful Holiday Campaign, raising almost $50,000 for the P.E.I. non-profit group's work in Kenya.

Donations towards water tanks, which allow Kenyan families to collect water during the rainy season to be used during the months of drought, remained the most popular item. Almost $10,000 was donated for water tanks, and the tanks will bear the names of the individuals or groups who made the donation.

Mosquito nets, vegetable bags, pitchforks, soccer balls and books were also popular with donors.

There was also a new donation category this year called Make a School Disability-Friendly. More than $2500 was raised towards this initiative, part of the Safe and Inclusive Schools project in Kenya.

There were also significant donations for milk for school children ($3,500), solar lights ($2,100), vegetables gardens ($2,500) and almost $3,000 for cows!

For one donor, the Holiday Campaign was a personal thank you.

Elizabeth Dacombe went to Kenya two years through Farmers Helping Farmers and Vets Without Borders.

She worked with the 20 members of the Makena Mithatene Womens Group in the Ex lewa area. Dacombe lives in Flat River, is a horticulturist and she trained the women on improved ways to grow their vegetables, including how to compost.

Dacombe donated $250 for the women she met in Kenya for a Christmas gift, and the money was used to buy plates, spoons and a tray for each member.

The gifts were presented to them the week before Christmas.

Farmers Helping Farmers thanks everyone who donated to the Holiday Campaign. Asante to all!

A group of volunteers from P.E.I. will be travelling to Kenya later this month to put the donations into action. Follow Farmers Helping Farmers on Facebook or at

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