FHF welcomes three new members to board of directors

Three new directors bring excellent experience, knowledge and skills to Farmers Helping Farmers

At the Farmers Helping Farmers AGM in July, we welcomed three new members to the board of directors to our organization: Sarah Muthee, Krista Schurman and Lori Robinson.

All three directors will bring excellent experience, knowledge and skills to Farmers Helping Farmers and we are very lucky to have them working with our organization.

Krista Schurman lives in Kensington on her family farm, a four acre organic vegetable greenhouse. Krista helps manage the direct marketing side of the business involving the Farmer's Markets and CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture) Veggie Boxes.

Along with her part on the farm, she works full-time as a Relationship Manager at Farm Credit Canada giving her lots of opportunities to connect with farm families in other sectors across P.E.I.

Krista is originally from Truro, N.S. and graduated with her BSc from Dalhousie Agricultural Campus in 1997, and together with Marc, they were recipients of Atlantic Outstanding Farmers award in 2006.

Lori Robinson is the Farm Manager at Eric C. Robinson Inc., a 6th generation farming operation located in Albany, P.E.I. As Farm Manager, Lori oversees the day-to-day operations of her family’s 2500-acre farm, concentrating on the production and sales of soybeans, grains and forages.

Lori obtained her BSc in Agriculture, majoring in Agricultural Business, from the University of Guelph in 1991 and has 27 years of experience farming in P.E.I., including 25 years growing, packing and selling potatoes.

Currently, Lori sits on the Advisory Board of P.E.I.’s Rural Women’s Business Centre and recently co-chaired P.E.I.’s Land Matters Advisory Committee.

Lori joined the Farmers Helping Farmers Board in July 2021 with a keen interest in helping women farmers in other parts of the world.

Outside of agriculture, Lori is passionate about the game of curling and holds a Coaching Association of Canada Level 2 Curling Coach designation, which allowed her to coach the P.E.I. men’s team at the 2019 Canada Games.

Sarah Muthee was born and raised in Kenya, and is employed by the PEI Public Service Commission. Sarah holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Prince Edward Island, and a Bachelor of Science in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics from Kenyatta University in Kenya.

Sarah's first involvement with Farmers Helping Farmers started in Summer of 2016 when she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Diamond Scholarship to come to PEI and pursue a master’s degree. Her master’s degree thesis comprehensively evaluated the effects of food security programs that Farmers Helping Farmers does with the Women Self-Help Groups in rural Kenya.

Sarah recently became a member of the FHF's Communication Committee. She has volunteered for the organization in different capacities, including presenting at fundraising events, local community groups, schools and committees.

Sarah has a passion for educating women and children as a means to escape malnutrition, hunger, and poverty. Sarah has a keen interest in health and wellness, social justice, women empowerment, and human rights. Her mantra is that every human being deserves a dignified and quality life.

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