Four new cookhouses opened in Kenya in 2018

Guy Cudmore was thrilled to cut the ribbon to officially open the new cookhouse at  Nkando Primary School in early February .

Farmers Helping Farmers visitors attended the opening  the three cookhouses in late January and early February.   Each opening was a joyous event attended by parents, teachers, all students as well as the Farmers Helping Farmers visitors.   There was dancing by the students as well as the parents and all Farmers Helping Farmers visitors were also invited to dance.  The parents sang as well as the students.

One of the former cookhouses










More than 800 Kenyan school children will now have a hot meal each day at these facilities.

2017 marked the 10th anniversary of the Souris Village Feast  and in recognition of the anniversary, they raised enough money to fund 4 new cookhouses at 4 primary schools in the Naari region (near Meru) of Kenya.

Winston Johnston cut the ribbon for the one at Rugatene Primary School. This cookhouse was sponsored by the 2017 Village Feast event.

Gerry McQuaid opened the cookhouse at  Ndunyu Primary School which was sponsored by an anonymous Island donor

Guy Cudmore opened the cookhouse at Nkando Primary School  sponsored by the Eastern Kings Fisher people.

The Eastern Kings fishers had saved up their donations over three years for this cookhouse.



Brody Webster and Aimee Gillis opened the fourth cookhouse at the Muruguma Primary School in March.  This cookhouse was funded by Ed Babineau and family.

We thank Jennifer Murogocho who oversaw the construction of the 4 well built  cookhouses which included energy efficient cookers and for the organization of the celebrations at the four opening ceremonies.

A new cookhouse next to the old one

Thanks to the generous donors to the Holiday Campaign, Farmers Helping Farmers has also funded a school garden at each of these schools and at least one water tank has been funded at each school. The gardens will provide vegetables for the githeri  (stew made of maize and beans) which is served to all students for the mid day meal.  The school garden is grown under a net and includes drip irrigation.   The vegetables grown in the garden include, kale, collard, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and onions.  Orange  sweet potatoes are grown outside the netted garden along with butternut squash.

Farmers Helping Farmers horticultural staff oversee the gardens and each school has a gardener funded by the Village Feast.

The openings were broadcast live on the Farmers Helping Farmers Facebook page.

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