Fuel Efficient Cookstoves

Improving household food and nutritional security is one of many goals of Farmers Helping Farmers efforts in sustainable development.   Women in Kenya are responsible for virtually all activities related to feeding the families; from tilling the land and growing the food to collecting fuel and preparing and cooking the food.  These responsibilities result in long working days.  Reducing women's workload can improve their
household food and nutritional security by allowing them time for more productive activities and for child-care.

In August 2010 several women had the stoves installed and "each of them said they noticed decreased time spent in the cookhouse and cooking in general, as well as a decrease in the amount of wood they had to use for cooking" (Hannah Hughes, UPEI student intern 2010). Reduced workload, reduced fuel (wood and charcoal) and reduced indoor smoke are anticipated broad benefits of these stoves.

We look forward to your support of this 'fuel efficient stove' initiative and to reports of the benefits of the stoves through UPEI student intern evaluation.

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Gathering firewood:  stove5Gathering firewood.

stove4A women proudly displaying her
new fuel efficient cookstove.

stove6Women carrying their firewood
near Muchui women's group.