Growing the Rotary connection

by Winston Johnston

This past January, a number of volunteers from Farmers Helping Farmers (FHF) visited farms in the Nkubu area, about 35 km to the south of Meru.  

While in the area, their visits included five schools where water tanks had recently been installed as part of the FHF school program. The farms in the Nkubu area have experienced drought for the past few years and are quite deficient in water collection tanks.  

This area is the site of a planned project with the Kageni Womens Group which would be supported by funds from a number of Rotary Clubs in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and coordinated by Rotarians from Nkubu with training by FHF staff persons.

The provision of water tanks for rain water collection would ensure these women have water for vegetable production using either grow bags or drip irrigation systems.  

While in Nkubu, most of the FHF contingent attended a meeting of the Rotary Club of Nkubu and were hosted to a dinner through the courtesy of the Governor of Meru County, the Honourable Kiraitu Murungi. Governor Murungi has an interest in potato production and storage and it is anticipated he and a number of other Meru County agriculture officials will visit Prince Edward Island later in 2018.


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