Holiday Campaign success benefits families in Kenya

Generous donations top $95,000 in successful Farmers Helping Farmers holiday fundraiser

January 1, 2022

Once again, our Holiday Campaign was very successful, thanks to your generosity! 

More than half of the rural people living in Meru County, Kenya, the area where Farmers Helping Farmers works, continue to suffer high levels of poverty and food insecurity.  The campaign raised more than $95,000 which will be put to good use, supplying women's groups, schools and dairy farmers with materials and support in their quest to improve families' well-being. Much of the money raised will directly support better nutrition for households and especially children. 

The Holiday Campaign funds will complement our other funding sources and together will make a difference in thousands of lives.  Each contribution, whether it pays, for example, for one home to acquire five laying hens or a rainwater storage tank, makes a substantial and much appreciated difference for a family struggling to make ends meet.  

On behalf of Farmers Helping Farmers, thank you very much for your generosity!  
Judy Loo

President, Farmers Helping Farmers

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