Letter exchange continues in 2022 between Canada and Kenya twinned schools

Education Committee of Farmers Helping Farmers promotes bonds between schools in Kenya and Canada

This winter, schools and church groups on P.E.I. and in Alberta continued writing letters with their twinned schools in Kenya

More than 250 letters were sent to Kenya in February.  Unfortunately, these letters had to be couriered as no pre-service teachers traveled to Kenya this past winter. 

Here's what it looked like in Class 6A at West Kent Elementary School in Charlottetown when the letters from Kenya arrived.

The work of the Education Committee of Farmers Helping Farmers continues in Kenya. Long-time Farmers Helping Farmers supporter Jennifer Murogocho worked with schools to clean and paint cookhouses.

There were also workshops to promote better use of cookstoves and nutrition.

Schools Currently Twinned (as of November 2021):

Ndunyu Primary  -  Morell Consolidated  

Michogomone Primary  -  Mount Stewart Consolidated 

Muruguma Primary  -  Kensington Sunday School

Nkando Primary  -  Margate Pastoral Charge 

Michaka Primary  -  Stratford Elementary 

Rugetene Primary  -  Kendellhurst Academy - Ontario 

Kibirichia Primary School   -  East Wiltshire Intermediate

Kiborione    -   Souris Regional School

Mwcheweri Maritati   -   West Kent Elementary

Murinya   -    Paul Rowe Secondary Jr./Sr. High - Alberta

Kirimara   -    Stonepark Intermediate

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