Membership Matters! Please renew today for 2018-2019!

Why become a member of Farmers Helping Farmers?

It's membership renewal time and we often get the question: why become a member of
Farmers Helping Farmers?

After all, you can see our newsletter online, and find out what we're up to on our website.

Many people attend our fundraisers like the Harrington Barbeque and contribute to the Holiday Campaign, but are not necessarily members.

The only time you absolutely have to be a member is to travel with Farmers Helping Farmers to Kenya.

So, why do it?

We will tell you: because it matters.

Our administration costs are less than 3 per cent of our total budget. But they are necessary costs: for accounting, printing, marketing, maintaining our website, banking fees and paying for our administrator.

The money raised from membership dues allows us to do what we need to do in Canada
in order to send our fundraising dollars to Kenya.

At $20 for an individual and $10 for a student, we consider a Farmers Helping Farmers membership an affordable but meaningful way for you to show us that our work in Kenya matters and you want it to continue.

You can also purchase a five year membership for $90, an efficient way to show your support and not have to worry about it for 5 years! Our five-year members are welcome to check their renewal date with an email to

We hope you will make the effort to renew your membership - or join us for the first time.

It's easy to renew online through Canada Helps:
Scroll down the dropdown menu to Membership Dues.

You can also fill in a membership form online and then mail it to us with a cheque:

Asante. Thank you.
Membership Committee – Wendy MacDonald, Nancy Russell, Sandra MacKinnon, Teresa Mellish, Rosemary Herbert, Liz Townsend, Julie Mutch

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