Return of the Village Feast in 2023!

After a 3 year hiatus due to Covid, the 14th Village Feast is finally back!

The annual community feast is scheduled to happen on July 9th, 2023.

We are very excited to be able to celebrate our good fortunes again, and raise the funds necessary to support our organizations, which include Farmers Helping Farmers.

Even though we could not have a public event due to public health restrictions, the Village Feast committee worked hard to ensure that there would be sufficient funding to pay the school gardeners for all our Village Feast cookhouses.

Knowing how important expertise is to raising the maximum amount of vegetables, we needed to make sure that the gardeners received their salary, especially during a pandemic that kept many Kenyans from earning money for food. The school gardeners continued to grow crops, even during school lockdowns, and feed the communities. 

A donation of $10,656 was recently made to ensure the gardeners at 14 cookhouses would be paid their annual salary. This donation also included a much deserved raise in pay, which acknowledged the committed work the gardeners performed daily.

Tickets for the Village Feast will be available to purchase for Christmas gifts. Watch our website for further updates.

Please consider supporting us and join us next July for an amazing meal!

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